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Eva | Hands-Free Couples' Vibe

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Look, honey!  No hands.  Enjoy your partner during lovemaking while enjoying direct sensations with EVA. Get constant clitoral stimulation in a hands- free couples' sex toy with EVA that is not difficult to operate. 

EVA hands free Vibrator EMBRACE DESIRES

Unlike vibrating penis rings, Eva is worn by the woman, giving her more control over the experience. Eva is the first hands-free, strap-free, non-intrusive couples vibrator. Made of the smoothest silicone, Eva’s flexible wings fit snugly under a woman’s labia majora, making it possible to experience clitoral stimulation during intercourse or while playing solo.


Eva is a hands-free vibrator designed to provide clitoral stimulation during intercourse, all while staying securely in place with the help of two wings.


Please fully charge your Evabefore use.


With the tips of the wings facing down towards your vaginal opening, place the body of Eva™ so that it rests on top of your clitoris.  Then, tuck each wing under the labia majora.

Using Eva™ solo is not only a fun way to explore your mind, body, and sexuality, but it's also a great way to get comfortable with placement a

While Eva is engineered to be a wearable couples' vibrator, its potential uses are as varied as the bodies and preferences of its users.

How It Works

Eva’s unique flexible wings keep the vibrator in place by comfortably tucking under a woman’s labia majora


Eva is versatile! Users are constantly giving us great ideas for all the ways you can use it

  • During penetrative sex
  • With internal toys — having both hands free allows you to focus other the other toy, or you can even use your wrist to apply a little extra pressure
  • As stand-alone bullet vibe — you can experiment with using the sensation from different parts of Eva
  • While pleasuring your partner 
  • While reading a book or surfing the web
  • Worn beneath your underwear — a great way to enjoy Eva when alone, to better understand how Eva best fits you, or just to have fun hanging around the house
  • Under a harness 

 Fit Tips

Eva is a one-size-fits-most product — it fits different vulvas differently. Check out the below tips:

Tucking Eva in place when it’s not vibrating may help figure out it’s best placement for you.

The closer the wings are tucked in toward your body, the more secure Eva will feel. Try tuck the wings one side at a time, using one hand to pull the tissue out a little bit while using the other hand to tuck in the wing.

Don’t worry about whether you’re outer or inner labia — just see what feels the most comfortable and the most secure. Using the inner labia can sometimes apply more pressure or help to push back the clitoral hood; the outer labia can have the benefit of being bolstered by surrounding tissue.

You may want to try using Eva alone a few times before introducing a partner. Alternatively, asking a partner to help you with placement can provide a second point of view.

Your vulva changes through different stages of arousal, and body position can affect ease of placement. Try playing around with when you place Eva (e.g. during foreplay vs. after insertion), as well as what position works best (e.g. lying on your back vs. sitting up).

Lubricant is often used to enhance the sensation of a vibrator, but friction plays a part in how Eva’s wing’s stay in place. Avoid getting excessive lube on Eva’s wings (Remember: never use silicone lube with silicone toys).

Eva is intended to be placed with the button closer to your belly button and the wings facing towards the vaginal opening. Nevertheless, flipping Eva around (so the wings point toward your belly button) may actually be better for you.

Try changing how far apart your legs are, It can affect both how much you enjoy Eva and how secure it feels.

Some users enjoyed Eva more with a little extra pressure, or like Eva to feel a little bit more secure. You can hold Eva against you with a finger, a pillow, a pair of crotchless panties, or a friend.

Tips For Placements

  • You may need to gently pull each vaginal lip over each wing to better secure Eva™ in place.

  • Placing Eva™ may be easier in different positions for different people.  Try lying on your back or standing with your legs slightly apart.

  • Eva™'s wings are flexible.  Take advantage of the flexibility when placing the wings under your labia majora.

  • Eva™ fits differently on different people.  It may take a few minutes and a couple of tries to find the placement that is best for you.



Eva™ has one button which controls the vibrator settings.  Press the button once to use the low setting.  Press again to cycle through the medium and high settings.  At any point, press and hold the button down to turn the vibrator off.


Eva comes with a rechargeable 5V battery that lasts for about 5 hours of use on the low setting and 60 minutes of use on the high setting.

Once Eva™'s battery starts to get low, the LED will blink red.  When the battery is completely tuckered out, the LED will blink red once when you press the button.

The first time you charge Eva™, you will need to puncture the silicone at the charging port with the barrel end of the provided cable.  Then plug the USB end of the cable into any USB port or use the provided wall adapter.  The LED will blink white when charging and turn solid when charging is complete.

Cleaning Eva

As with any sex toy, cleaning and proper care are very important.  Always clean Eva™ after every use.  Eva™ is made from medical-grade silicone and should be cared for with that in mind.

Ways You Can Clean Eva

  • Anti-bacterial soap and water

  • Any anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner


  • Store in provided satin bag or similar cloth bag

  • Store separately from other toys; sex toys of different materials can damage each other if left in contact

  • Keep away from extreme cold or heat


  • Do not overextend or twist the wings

  • Do not use silicone-based lube with Eva

  • Do not clean with products containing alcohol, petroleum, or acetone

  • Do not boil, bake, microwave, or run through the dishwasher

  • Do not submerge in water