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Friday Night

amateur erotica She arrived home after a long day at the office and unwound by taking a much-needed Jacuzzi bath and a glass of chilled Merlot. She got dressed, donning a black silk button up blouse, a beige miniskirt, thigh high stockings and black knee-high 5” heeled boots. A black leather jacket completed the outfit. She was on her way to meet her man at the local jazz spot for an evening out. She stepped out into the chilly night air, smoke coming from her glossed lips. As she was about to step into her vehicle, her ex-man pulled up alongside her X5. As always, he wanted to talk about what was and what could be. She was really in no mood to deal with this now, but feeling nice from the wine, and having a soft spot in her heart for this misguided fool, she would humor him. She slid into his vehicle, legs slightly parting, showing beautiful thighs and the promise of what could be. This aroused him. He wanted to talk about things past and getting together, all she wanted to do was get to her man. As a compromise, she agreed to listen to him if he would take her to the jazz spot. Goapele was playing on the radio, and this music always put her in a mellow mood. She put her head back, closed her eyes and let the smooth sounds take her away. As she zoned out, he lightly caressed her thigh. Feeling good to her, she parted her thighs even wider. He reached further up her thigh until his fingers brushed her fat pussy. Realizing what was happening, she closed her legs, unintentionally trapping his fingers between her thighs. This gave her a tingle and made her wet, but she wasn’t going down this road again. As she tried to push his hand away he resisted, they had been here before. He pinched her clit with his fingers making her moan. He started to insert his fingers into her pussy; she grabbed his hand in an attempt to remove them. But it caused him to insert them deeper, she loved a good finger fucking. She let him get his fingers wet for a few seconds before removing his hand. He never did like being rejected. He drove off and after a few minutes pulled onto a dead end street. He reached over pulled her blouse open, exposing hard nipples. He leaned down and started sucking her erect nipple. She was trying to push him away, but her panties were getting soaked and she loved the feeling of her nipples being bit. She grabbed his head and pulled him away and in the same motion got out of the car. His dick was hard, his fingers were wet, her perfume was on his breath and this pussy was once his. He got out the car and rushed around to her side of the car stopping her from going anywhere. With her leaning against the car he got to his knees and started pulling her panty down, she wouldn’t let him, so he ripped them off, forced her legs open and started licking her pussy. She liked a forceful man and a good pussy suck always made her weak. He stuck his thick tongue deep in that pussy, damn! What was she gonna tell her man. She opened her legs and grabbed his head to make sure he was gonna get the job done right! He bit her clit while deep tongue-ing that wet pussy. She leaned back letting him tongue fuck her as she rubbed her nipples. Thinking of how angry her man would be made her weaker and she could feel herself cumming. The ex-man grabbed her forcefully by the ass pulling that pussy deep. He had the whole pussy in his mouth. She couldn’t hold out anymore and exploded thick creamy cum all in this motherfuckers mouth, holding his head making sure he swallowed it all. Thinking she was done, she pulled down her skirt and was getting back in the vehicle when she felt his hard dick on her ass. This was not gonna happen, she pushed him away with her ass, but that made the dick hit her pussy from behind. His dick got harder and he grabbed her by her waist slowing forcing his dick into that wet pussy. She couldn’t do this to her man, but damn she loved a dick-down! She pushed again this time causing that big dick to penetrate her pussy deeply. He reached around and grabbed her big tits as he slid that cock deeper into that wet pussy. She could no longer resist, she bent over, spread her ass and took that dick shaft and all. Each thrust was deeper and pussy juice was running down her legs. This motherfucker was pounding her good and she was about to cum again. She felt his dick growing harder and she knew that he was about to cum too. She started rubbing her clit getting ready to cum and receive a pussy-full of cum. As she came, her body thrusted backwards causing him to drown that pussy with cum. He slowly removed his throbbing cock from her wet pussy. He turned her around and brought her to her knees. He then slid his cock in her mouth and she started licking the cum off his cock. This made him hard again and he started sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. Each thrust went deeper down her throat, it hurt but in a damn good way. She was trying to pull away but he had a good hold on her head, he kept fucking her in her mouth. She started sucking his cock as if trying to suck all the cum out of that dick. Her tongue around that dick was too much for him to bear and he came with a groan. She felt the warm fluid in her mouth and slowly swallowed the warm liquid. She leaned back, hating this motherfucker but loving a good dick - down. How was she going to explain to her man why she was late… *this is another reader submitted amateur erotica story