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Velv`Or J`Naja Ring

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Prepare yourself for sensational pleasuRING.  The J' Naja is ergonomically designed to provide men with unsurpassed feelings during ejaculation and more powerful erections.  the J'Naja follows the natural curves of the male body, applying pressure on his perineum while constantly being massaged. This ring makes a great addition for the man who wants to feel confident and virile while increasing his sexual drive.

Massaging this sensitive area of your body has great benefits on your sexual health. All the nerves linked to your sexual activity are running through this area. They will be reset and this makes your entire body relax, which results in prolonging the time to ejaculate.

Wearing the JNaja can be compared to an internal prostate massage.
The design of the JNaja is very comfortable to wear throughout the day, besides intercourse and masturbation sessions.
The duration of being enringed varies per person, it’s always important to follow the indication of your body and take off the JNaja when required.
The JNaja is 3D printed and colored like stonewashed jeans so it will de-color over time, giving it a personal touch.

The JNaja is available in 3 sizes 45MM, 50MM and 55MM.

How do I know what size  need?  Well, you are going to have to do some work.  Not every size will be comfortable for every man.  


With the help of Jelle from Velv’Or we’ve put together this simple guide to help you measure yourself to ensure you get the correctly sized JNaja for your penis size. As you’ll be wearing the JNaja for long lengths of time you need to ensure you pick the correct ring size. You want something that gives a heavy amount of pressure when erect, but not too much so it cuts off the blood circulation. You also want a pleasurable amount of comfort when flaccid.

1. First you need to be fully erect.

2. Take a piece of string and slip it behind your balls and tug it up nice and tight around the base of your penis (close to your body).

3. Now mark the string on both sides where they come together (making sure that it feels comfortable).

4. Remove the string and measure the distance between the 2 marks you’ve just made (mm). This gives you your circumference.

5. Divide the circumference by 3.14 to calculate the size of JNaja you require.

Now that I have the size that I want, how do I wear the J'Naja?

Hold the JNaja with the perineum part facing towards the body. Put the Balls through the oval shaped part of the JNaja. Then push the Penis through the same part.
Now firmly pull the whole package out and push the JNaja to the body.

Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.